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The redevelopment of Royal Pier and surrounds provides a unique opportunity to reconnect the city centre with Southampton Water and the waterfront. The Royal Pier site and Mayflower Park provide the only place for residents and visitors to the city to view the activity on the water and within the port; the operations that have defined Southampton in the past as a maritime city and will continue to do so in the future as the Port grows and prospers.

The public realm strategy for the site is central to the proposals and aims to provide a world-class waterfront for the local community. It includes:

    • Creation of a network of attractive routes for pedestrians that connect the Old Town with the waterfront;

    • Extending and complete re-design Mayflower Park, to create a significant world-class public park on the waterfront.

    • Providing of a range of high quality public spaces and squares where people can congregate and spend time at or near the waterfront and overlooking new boat moorings and marine activities.

This exceptional environment with its waterfront cafes, restaurants, and shops will attract activity to the waterfront, creating a new vibrant quarter for the city.


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